Thank You 2013 !

2013 has been overwhelming with diversities. There has been bad times and good times, strong moments and weak moments. Feelings of success and achievement and feelings of failure and despair. But one thing is for sure; and it’s that 2013 has been by far the most inspirational year for achieving my lifetime dreams and all my crazy ideas and whims no matter what. I had the chance to come across so many inspirational people who gave me hope in the world. I learned to meditate and gain strength from nature and beauty as well as to appreciate all the little things I took for granted. I was inspired to even change my life style and challenged myself to reach my goal weight which I actually succeeded in doing and I’m the same size as when i was 13 years old and got my physical fitness back. Thus, realizing nothing I wish for or dream about is impossible. Furthermore, I started my first blog (this one) and will be working on this project as well as many others. I can say I’m already happy and I feel so empowered 🙂

Dream, Believe and Achieve:)

Let’s Do It 2014 😀