Mamy’s Smile <3

It’s the one thing in this world that gives me reassurance that everything is ok and that no matter what happens, we have the strength to overcome it and nothing in this world should make us sad. You and Papy are the sources of my strength and energy.
Mamy Dearest, Thank you for being an exceptionally wonderful and exceptionally tender mother (Majka) ❤ I Love you forever and Always od tuka do mecechinata i sonceto i site planeti (from here to the moon & sun & all the planets) ❤
May God grant you the strength to carry on and be our source of energy and inspirations for many many many years to come.
Thank you is never enough to thank You and Papy for all the Love you have given me, but deep inside me I know you both are sure of my gratitude and appreciations that if I kept thanking you both for a million years ahead, it won't be enough to express how I feel.
I Love You My Loving Family More than Words Could Ever Express in all the Languages of the Universe !

Forever your Loving little Clejche ❤ ❤ ❤


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