Papy my Hero <3

Last month like today you were here smiling to me, we made jokes and laughed together. You ran to greet me in the morning and crushed me with the biggest, warmest and most beautiful and sincere fatherly hug. I felt wonderful and told you this is the best hug in the world and you looked at me with your amazing blue eyes and smiled to me. You asked me what I wanted for breakfast and I told you that anything from your hands would be the most delicious meal ever and you ran to prepare your baby girl the most incredible breakfast and I sat to eat with your company and Mamy’s  and I was the happiest girl in the world. Later I went for a run, in the mean while you were sitting and working on your computer. I thought you were busy, but later I discovered that you were sending me “Chocolate posts” on face book and wrote me “I love you Clea” on a picture I had posted earlier <3. You were always busy doing something nice for me or surprising me. I Love you Papushka <3. Later as I was running I started listening to music and dancing while running which is something I had never done before. I gave Mamy the headphones to listen to some of the music and then I called you before finishing my run to come outside to the garden and I waited for you to come out and there you were coming out of the house all smiling to me and full of happiness and life so I placed the headphones over your ears to share with you my favorite song which you as well really liked and I knew you would and we danced together on the beat for a short while and then I hugged you strongly with all of my heart and was so grateful for sharing such a wonderful moment with my father, the world’s best father ever. I love you Papy <3. If I knew this was going to be our last dance, I would have never let you out of my arms my dearest. Shortly after this most precious moment, you and Mamy called me for lunch and I entered the house to find you have arranged the dining table so beautifully and lunch was served and I kept smiling throughout all of the lunch and would look at you and Mamy and smile, I was so happy and enjoyed my meal so much to the extent that I started singing and you loved it when I did so. I could see you watching me with a big smile and telling Mamy to look at me as well and she would and you both would simply smile and laugh at my childish attitude that never changed for many years. In the afternoon Bato came back from work and we all sat together as one Happy Family and I have never been happier and will always keep that Perfect Family Day in my Memory as long as I shall live. You will always live on as Bato and I are part of you and you are alive through us and Mamy. This Run is for you Papy. I Love you Papy od Tuka do mesechinata i sonceto i site planeti Forever and Always your loving daughter Clea ❤ ❤ ❤


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